Launch party for College Noir Anime, with teams from Studio La Cachette, ADN and Toei Animation!

Le College Noir anime is now available on ADN!

A look back at the long-awaited launch party for the french anime series “College Noir” on October 30. This exclusive event brought together animation enthusiasts, industry professionals and, of course, teams from Studio La Cachette (Primal, Unicorn Warriors Eternal), ADN (Animation Digital Network) and Toei Animation. The evening took place in a dark atmosphere, offering guests a unique and immersive experience at the heart of the creation of this series.

The event was held in Paris, in a small venue meticulously decorated to reflect the mysterious and captivating aesthetic of “College Noir“. From the moment they entered, guests were immersed in the world of the series, with a person dressed as a witch, an evil doll and also a haunted house.

(Credit: Chersmokes, @chersmokes)

The evening began with heartfelt speeches from representatives of Studio La Cachette, expressing their gratitude to the talented teams who worked tirelessly to bring “College Noir” to life.

(Credit: Chersmokes, @chersmokes)

The event reached its climax with an exclusive screening of the first two episodes of “College Noir“. The lights dimmed, plunging the room into a spellbinding atmosphere. On a giant screen, the adventures of the main characters captivated the audience. The magnificent visuals and captivating plot elicited lively reactions from the audience. Laughter, applause and expressions of wonder punctuated every scene, testifying to the quality of the series.

The evening concluded with a sumptuous cocktail reception organized by ADN, giving guests the opportunity to chat, network and share their impressions of the first two episodes.

(Credit: Chersmokes, @chersmokes)

The french anime series “Le Collège Noir(Original co-production with ADN, Toei Animation and Studio La Cachette), directed by Ulysse Malassagne at Studio La Cachette, will be released on ADN today (only available in France). ADN describes the series as follows:

At a school in the middle of the Cantal mountains, five young schoolchildren spend the All Saints’ vacation under the watchful eye of Léna, an ill-tempered pawn. But when the soul of their missing classmate appears to them in the middle of the night, the teenagers find themselves confronted with the curse of a terrible witch and the most terrifying creatures of French folklore…

Main Visual:

Main Trailer:

Source: ADN (Animation Digital Network)

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