Ghost Cat Anzu Special Video Features PiPi-chan Voiced by Ikue Otani!

The forest fairy and the cat!

A special video for the upcoming film Ghost Cat Anzu has been released, featuring the forest fairy PiPi-chan voiced by Ikue Otani (known for Pikachu and Tony Tony Chopper). The film is set to release in Japan on July 19.

Special Video:

Teaser Visuals:

Complete Voice Cast:
Mirai Moriyama as Anzu
Noa Goto as Karin
Munetaka Aoki as Tetsuya, Karin’s Father
Miwako Ichikawa as Yuzuki, Karin’s Mother
Keiichi Suzuki as Osho-san, Anzu’s Foster Parent
Shingo Mizusawa as The God of Poverty
Shohei Uno as Tanuki

The film adaptation uses rotoscope, an animation drawing method based on live action sequences, with Yamashita doing the live action sequences and Kuno the animation. GKIDS, the executive producer of the film, will also handle distribution for North America this year.

Directors: Yoko Kuno (animation), Nobuhiro Yamashita (live-action)
Script: Shinji Imaoka
Animation Production: Shin-Ei Animation (character movement) × Miyu Productions (backgrounds & color)

Ghost Cat Anzu was serialized in Comic Bombom (Kodansha) from 2006 to 2007. It describes Karin, 11 years old, is abandoned by her father at her grandfather’s house, the monk of a small town in the Japanese countryside. Her grandfather asks Anzu, his jovial and helpful although rather capricious ghost cat, to look after her. The meeting of their strong characters causes sparks, at least at the beginning…

Source: Official Website

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