Devil May Cry Anime Behind-the-Scenes Revealed!

Devil May Cry the anime series from Capcom, Studio Mir & Adi Shankar!

Creator Adi Shankar gives us an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of the highly anticipated series of CAPCOM’s popular Devil May Cry video game series, Devil May Cry the anime! Studio MIR (DOTA: Dragon’s Blood) is in charge for this adaptation! The anime is scheduled for 2024 and is listed for 8 episodes!


The first Devil May Cry game was released in 2001 as a PS2. The most recent entry in the stylish hack-and-slash series was 2019’s Devil May Cry 5, which was released for PS4, Xbox One, and Steam. The Devil May Cry games previously inspired a 2007 TV anime produced by Madhouse and directed by Shin Itagaki.

Synopsis according to Netflix:

In this animated adaptation of the popular Capcom game, sinister forces are at play to open the portal between the human and demon realms. In the middle of it all is Dante, an orphaned demon-hunter-for-hire, unaware that the fate of both worlds hangs around his neck.

Source: Netflix YouTube Channel 

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