Whisper Me a Love Song Anime New Key Visual Revealed!

The girl-love romance anime is scheduled to debut on April 13th.

The broadcast date of the TV anime “Whisper Me a Love Song” written by Eku Takeshima has been set for April 13. The second key visual and theme song information have been released.

The key visual depicts Himari Kino and Yori Asanagi looking at each other under a cherry tree.

New Key Visual:

The opening theme song will be “Follow your arrows” by SSGIRLS, and the ending theme song will be “Gifuti” by Himari Kino, played by Hana Shimano.

SSGIRLS artist photo:

Hana Shimano photo:

Akira Mano has been replaced by Xinya Cai as director for health reasons.

Series Composition: Hiroki Uchida
Character Design: Minami Yoshida
Sub Character Design: Ryunosuke Oji
Prop Design: Ayumi Nagaki, Misae Kawakubo
Color Design: Yuichi Furuichi
Art Setting: Risa Iraha
Background Art: Hengshuo Zhang
Art Direction: Soshi Kuwashima
CG Direction: Keiichi Eda
Director of Photography: Takahiro Kita
Editing: Yumi Jinguji
Sound Direction: Fumiyuki Go, Nozomi Nakatani
Music: Hiroshi Sasaki, Wataru Maeguchi

Based on the manga by Eku Takeshima, Kodansha USA publishes Whisper Me A Love Song manga in English and describes it as follows:

Bubbly, energetic first-year high school student Himari falls head over heels for her senpai Yori after hearing her band perform on the first day of school. Himari tells Yori she just loves her, and, to Himari’s surprise, Yori says she loves Himari back! But when Himari realizes that she and her senpai are feeling two different kinds of love, she begins to ask herself what “love” really means…

Source: Whisper Me A Love Song Love Official Website

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