Whisper Me a Love Song Anime Broadcast Schedule After Episode 9!

Two recaps and episode 9 delayed until June 22.

The TV anime “Whisper Me a Love Song“, which has been airing since April 2024, will change its broadcast schedule after episode 9 due to production reasons. The anime is available for streaming on HIDIVE.

Official announcement:

The upcoming broadcast schedule is as follows:

  • June 8: Recap of episodes 1 and 2
  • June 15: Recap of episodes 3–6
  • June 22: Episode 9
  • June 29: Episode 10

The broadcast schedule for episodes 11 and 12 will be announced once it has been finalized.

Key Visual:

Series Composition: Hiroki Uchida
Character Design: Minami Yoshida
Sub Character Design: Ryunosuke Oji
Prop Design: Ayumi Nagaki, Misae Kawakubo
Color Design: Yuichi Furuichi
Art Setting: Risa Iraha
Background Art: Hengshuo Zhang
Art Direction: Soshi Kuwashima
CG Direction: Keiichi Eda
Director of Photography: Takahiro Kita
Editing: Yumi Jinguji
Sound Direction: Fumiyuki Go, Nozomi Nakatani
Music: Hiroshi Sasaki, Wataru Maeguchi
Produced by Cloud Hearts and Yokohama Animation Laboratory

Whisper Me a Love Song is based on the manga serialization in Ichijinsha’s Comic Yuri Hime that first launched on February 18, 2019 and now totals eight volumes. The English language edition is published by Kodansha Comics.

After performing a song at her school’s opening ceremony, musician Yori Asanagi receives an apparent love confession from freshman Himari Kino. But just as Yori decides she wants to return Himari’s feelings, Himari reveals that she did not “love” her, but “admires” her! But you can’t unring a bell once struck, and Yori is determined to make Himari fall for her, not just her music. Will their hearts ever beat as one, or will their love fall out of tune?

Source: Whisper Me A Love Song Love Official Website

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