WEBTOON and Michel Lafon join forces to bring out paper versions in France!

More than 75 million views on the online platform for the two series in France alone.

The aim of this collaboration between WEBTOON and Michel Lafon is simple: to publish the most popular WEBTOON series on the platform in paper format. The first series to be published is Marry My Husband, originally a novel written by Sung Sojak and adapted into a webtoon by Studio LICO. The second series will be High School Mercenary, a webtoon created by YC for the script and Rak Hyun for the illustrations. The first two volumes will be available in bookshops in France from 19 October (and can already be pre-ordered) at a price of €12.95.

Suffering from incurable cancer, 37-year-old Jiwon Kang has only a few months to live. Abandoned by a violent, unfaithful husband, she eventually succumbs to his blows. But then a miracle happens: she wakes up ten years earlier and tries to reverse her fate.
This time, things will be different, because Jiwon is out for revenge! Her plan? Get the man who should have become her husband to marry the woman who caused his demise…

Synopsis of High School Mercenary:
The only survivor of a plane crash, 8-year-old Ijin Yoo lands in a war-torn country, where he is secretly trained to become a mercenary. A few years later, he returns to his homeland, where his grandfather and younger sister, Dayeon, live. While Ijin tries to return to a normal life, Dayeon is harassed at school. This event awakens his instincts as a fighter… and a vigilante.

Source: Michel Lafon

High School Mercenary © 2020 YC & Rak Hyun. All rights reserved

Marry My Husband © 2021 Sung Sojak & STUDIO LICO. All rights reserved

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