Tower of God Season 2 Reveals Exclusive CM!

The prince of Jahad will return soon!

IGN has unveiled an exclusive CM (TV Commercial)  for the highly anticipated Tower of God Season 2, set to premiere in Japan in July 2024. The season 2 is coming to Crunchyroll and will adapt the “The Return of the Prince” & “Workshop Battle” arcs!

Tower of God Season 2 episodes 1 & 2, World Premiere is scheduled for July 6 at Anime Expo 2024!

CM (30 sec.):

Key Visual:

© Tower of God 2 Animation Partners

Taichi Ichikawa as Jyu Viole Grace
Saori Hayami as Rachel
Agnis Nobuhiko Okamoto as Khun Aguero
Yuma Uchida as Ja Wangnan
Sayumi Watabe as Yeon Yihwa
Yu Shimamura as Yeo Goseng
Saki Miyashita as Yeo Miseng
Kenichirou Matsuda as Kang Horyang
Kento Shiraishi as Hon Akraptor
Kengo Kawanishi as Prinz
Natsuko Abe as Nia
Naoki Irie as Rai

Chief Director: Kazuyoshi Takeuchi
Director: Akira Suzuki
Series Composition: Erika Yoshida
Script: Erika Yoshida, Takeshi Miyamoto, Riuji Yoshizaki
Character Design: Miho Tanino, Seigo Kitazawa, Isamitsu Kashima
Chief Animation Director: Seigo Kitazawa
Art Director: Yusuke Ikeda
Music: Kevin Penkin
Animation Production: The Answer Studio.

The original webcomic published on WEBTOON began in June 2010. The first season is streamig on Crunchyroll and describes the story as follows:

Reach the top, and everything will be yours. At the top of the tower exists everything in this world, and all of it can be yours. You can become a god. This is the story of the beginning and the end of Rachel, the girl who climbed the tower so she could see the stars, and Bam, the boy who needed nothing but her.

Source: IGN Official YouTube Channel

© Tower of God 2 Animation Partners

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