Tomb Raider King Anime Officially Announced for 2026!

2026 already looks promising!

The webtoon Tomb Raider King is being adapted into an animated project, scheduled to debut in 2026. The author, SAN.G, shared this information on his Twitter account. However, specifics details remain undisclosed.

Tweet announcement:

The webtoon Tomb Raider King was printed in book form by Bifrost and digitally released by Tapas Media from February 2021 to August 2023, spanning 412 chapters. The manga adaptation of the webtoon, illustrated by Yuns (REDICE STUDIO), is published by Yen Press.

Yen Press describes Tomb Raider King as follows:
In the year 2025, mysterious tombs appeared all over the world, each housing an ancient relic granting supernatural abilities. The lucky few who quickly obtained these relics ruled over powerful monopolies. Others came to serve them, such as Jooheon Suh, a “raider” who hid in tombs to steal relics. Betrayed by his employer, Jooheon is left to die but instead finds himself transported 15 years in the past. Armed with years of tough raiding experience and knowledge of what is to come in the world of relics, does Jooheon have what it takes to become the “Tomb Raider King”?

Source: Official Twitter account

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