The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic Presents New Trailer, Key Visual, and Themes Songs!

Everything's coming together around the anime!

The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic anime is set to start airing on January 5, produced by Studio Add and Shin-Ei Animation. The series unveils a new key visual that features the main characters Usato, Suzune and Kazuki. GREE presented a new trailer too for the anime. The theme songs for the anime are “Cure” by waterweed for the opening and “Green jade” by ChouCho for the ending.

New Trailer:

Key Visual:

Synopsis according to the official website:
Usato Usari, an ordinary high school student, is on his way home, Suzune Inukami, the student council president, and his classmate Kazuki Ryusen. They are swallowed up by a magic circle that suddenly appears. The next thing they know, they find themselves in another world. The three of them were summoned as “heroes” to fight against the Demon King’s army that was invading the kingdom however, only Suzune and Kazuki have the aptitude to be heroes. Usato was just caught in the middle! However, the situation changes drastically when it is discovered that Usato has an aptitude for “healing magic. Rose, claiming to be the leader of the rescue team, appears and takes Usato away by force.

What awaited Usato there? What awaited Usato there was a hellish training routine beyond his imagination!

Source: Official Website

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