The Strongest Tank’s Labyrinth Raids Premieres January 6 and Unveils Visuals and Theme Songs!

Rud is 2024's toughest hero!

The Strongest Tank’s Labyrinth Raids -A Tank with a Rare 9999 Resistance Skill Got Kicked from the Hero’s Party- anime, produced by STUDIO POLON, is set to start airing on January 6. The latest updates include a new main visual and promotional video. The theme songs for the series are Brave for the opening and Yume no Naka de for the ending, both performed by Ireisu.


Main Visual:

The cast features Yui Ogura, Ayaka Oohashi, Kana Yuuki, Nobuhiko Okamoto, and Misaki Kuno. The anime is an adaptation of a manga published by Square Enix, illustrated by Makoto Kisaragi, which itself is based on a light novel series published by Shufunotomo, written by Ryuuta Kijima and illustrated by Sando.

Synopsis of the manga, according to Manga UP!:
Rud is a tank of the Hero’s Party and is said to have the highest defense ever in history. The party often does labyrinth raids, but to Rud, it means more than just a raid. To cure his beloved sister’s illness, he is in search for the wish-granting treasure that might be hidden in those labyrinths. But one day, the arrogant hero kicks him from the party after an unsuccessful raid attempt, blaming it on his skills whose effects he is still unaware of. Without nowhere else to go and nothing to do, he decides to return to his hometown, where his sister is waiting. On his way there, he saves a girl who was being attacked by a monster. Unexpectedly, this girl has an extremely rare skill called “Appraisal”. Thanks to her skill, Rud is able to discover the truth behind his unknown skills, which turn out to be very powerful skills. With a defense of 9999 and powerful skills, thus begins the adventure of the strongest tank, Rud!

Source: Official Website

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