The Strongest Magician in the Demon Lord’s Army was a Human New Trailer Featuring ED Theme Song Revealed!

Ike is known as "the strongest magician in the demon king's army".

The second trailer of the TV anime “The Strongest Magician in the Demon Lord’s Army was a Human” by Ryosuke Hata and Anajiro has been released. The anime is set to premiere on July 3. It will stream weekly on ABEMA in Japan, with early access available starting June 26.

KOHTA YAMAMOTO feat. Maya Akechi‘s “I still” was chosen as the Ending Theme for the anime. This song allows viewers to hear a beautiful ballad that encapsulates Ike’s wish and prayer for a world where demons and humans coexist peacefully.

New Trailer:

Ike: Jun Fukuyama
Satie: Hina Tachibana
Cefiro: Shizuka Itoh
Dairokuten Demon Lord: Manaka Iwami
Lilith: Azumi Waki

Orignal: Ryosuke Haneda/ Anajiro
Character design: KUMA
Director: Norihiko Nagahama
Series composition: Touko Machida
Character design: Masami Sueoka
Sound Director: Satoshi Motoyama
Music Production: Pony Canyon
Sound Production: Bit Grooove Promotion
Animation production: studio A-CAT

The anime follows Ike, the protagonist raised as a demon who is feared as the strongest
magician of the demon army. While hiding his human identity, he aims for coexistence
between demons and humans in this rise-to-power dark fantasy.

Source: Press Release

© Ryousuke Hata, Anajiro/ Futabasha Publishers Ltd, Demon Lord Army’s Committee

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