The Magical Girl and The Evil Lieutenant Used to Be Archenemies Main Trailer Released!

Fantasy romance series!

The main trailer of the TV anime “The Magical Girl and The Evil Lieutenant Used to Be Archenemies” by Fujiwara Cocoa has been released. The anime is scheduled for July 9!

The opening theme is “Mikanse Rendezvous” by Lezel, and the ending theme song is “Itsumo Futari ga Ii ne”, performed by main cast members Yuki Ono and Mai Nakahara in their roles as Mira and Byakuya, respectively.

Main Trailer:

The organization the evil lieutenant: Mira (CV. Yuki Ono)
Unlucky magical girl: Byakuya (CV. Mai Nakahara)

Original Story: Cocoa Fujiwara(「GANGANCOMICS JOKER」SQUARE ENIX)
Director: Akiyo Ohashi
Series composition/Script:Yuniko Ayana
Character Design:Haruko Iizuka
Animation Studio: BONES

The Evil Organization—They invade and destroy anything and everything. The lieutenant is merciless and cunning. He’s the brains behind the organization and righthand man to the king. Byakuya, a jinxed magical girl is the one in charge of standing up to the earth invasion. Mira, the evil lieutenant, is supposed to face off against the girl and unexpectedly falls in love at first sight… This is the story of the magical girl and the evil lieutenant who used to be enemies. Refusing to kill (and love) each other, what will become of the couple—?

Source: Official Website

© Cocoa Fujiwara/SQUARE ENIX,Mahoaku COMMITTEE

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