SYNDUALITY Noir Cour 2 Unveils Launch Date!

Mystel is unveiled ahead of the second cour!

The second cour of the sci-fi anime Synduality Noir is set to premiere in Japan on January 8. The first cour started in July, with Hulu streaming in the U.S. and Disney+ worldwide. The anime is produced by Eight Bit and is part of a mixed-media project tied to the Bandai Namco-published game Synduality: Echo of Ada, featuring manga and hobby products. Mystel, a new character, was introduced in the last episode of the first court, presents itself in a new visual.

New Visual:

Synopsis of SYNDUALITY Noir, according to Disney+:
When a deadly poison, blue shale, fell from the sky, humanity fled underground
to escape the catastrophe known as the “Tears of the New Moon.”
One hundred years later, humanity returns to the surface to start a new era.
Under constant threat from the Enders, humans have established new
colonies, the “Nests” alongside humanoids called “Magus”. Year 2242,
Kanata dreams of becoming a Drifter. While exploring the ruins of a museum
with a renowned Drifter, Tokio, he discovers a Magus called Noir who has lost
all of her memories. Black struggles to carry out everyday tasks, but excels
in combat, especially against Enders. So Kanata teams up with her and
discovers what it really takes to become a Drifter.

Source: Official Website

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