Spice and Wolf: MERCHANT MEETS THE WISE WOLF Chapter III Episode Visual Revealed!

New Visual for the Cour 2 release!

Spice and Wolf: MERCHANT MEETS THE WISE WOLF has released a new visual for its Chapter III episode, illustrated by Mieko Hosoi. The Japanese artist is well known for her work as Key Animator on Naruto Shippūden, Detective Conan or Astro Boy. The cour 2 is set to air on July 1.

Episode Visual:

Additional Voice Cast for Cour 2:
Saeko Chiba as Fermi Amarti
Rikiya Koyama as Marc Cole
Kahoru Sasajima as Lant
Akeno Watanabe as Dian Rubens

Chief director: Takeo Takahashi
Character designer: Koji Haneda
Director: Hijiri Sanpei
Music: Kevin Penkin
Animation production: Passione

Crunchyroll will be streaming the new Spice and Wolf anime series, and describes the story as follows:

Lawrence is a traveling merchant selling various goods from a horse-drawn cart. One day, he arrives at a village and meets a beautiful girl with the ears and tail of an animal! Her name is Holo the Wisewolf and she brings bountiful harvests. She wishes to return to her homeland, and Lawrence offers to take her. Now, the once-lonely merchant and the once-lonely wisewolf begin their journey north.

Source: Spice and Wolf Official Website

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