Sorairo Utility Anime Releases 1st Trailer and Key Visual!

TV anime series about girls and golf!

The first trailer and key visual for the anime “Sorairo Utility” have been released, with the series set to premiere in 2025. Additionally, the latest cast information has been announced!

Official Trailer:

Key Visual:

Minami Aoba: Miyu Takagi
Haruka Akane: Yurina Amami
Ayaka Hoshimi: Ayasa Goto
Izumi Akina: Yumiri Hanamori
Masao Tadokoro (Masa): Kazuhiko Inoue
Chosuke Tanabe (Cho): Kenyu Horiuchi
Tetsuhiro Tanaka (Tetsu): Toshiyuki Morikawa

Director & Character Design: Kengo Saito
Series Composition: Yu Sato
Screenplay: Yu Sato, Aya Satsuki, Aki Mizuki
Original Concept Cooperation: Kota Nozomi
Animation Production: Yostar Pictures

I’m gonna end up graduating as a nameless “Townsperson A.”
Minami Aoba was troubled.
She had no particular strengths or passions.
Is it okay for her high school life to end like this, as a background character?
She jumps out of school and searches for her own “Special Something” alone.
By chance, she ends up at a nearby golf practice range.
There, she meets Akane Haruka, who works part-time, and grasps a golf club — a “Utility.”
That was the encounter between Minami and golf.
Winning at play isn’t the only thing about golf!
Everything related to golf is enjoyable!
Together with the genius golfer Haruka and Ayaka Hoshimi, who aims to become an
influencer, seeking the moment when they can become the “protagonist”!
As a super beginner, Minami swings her club again today.

Crunchyroll streams Sorairo Utility OVA and describes it as follows:

Three high schoolers, Minami, Ayaka, and Haruka, head out for a sunny day of relaxation at the golf course. Beginner Minami slowly gains confidence on the grass as she learns and laughs with the help and encouragement of her more experienced senpai.

Sources: Press release

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