Sengoku Youko Anime Part 2 Premiere in July 17, New Key Visual & More Cast Revealed!

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The anime “Sengoku Youko: The Chaos of a Thousand Demons Arc” (2nd cour) by Satoshi Mizukami, is set to start broadcasting on July 17, with two consecutive cours. Alongside this announcement, a new key visual, character trailers, and additional cast members have been revealed.

The opening theme song is “KATAWARA” by STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION and the ending theme is “Night Hook” by Hiroki Nanami.

Key Visual:

Character Trailers:

Hiroki Nanami as Senya

Maaya Uchida as Tsukiko

Aki Toyosakia as Nau

Satoshi Mizukami began serialization of the manga in 2007 in Mag Garden’s Comic Blade, then moved to Comic Garden in 2008. The series ended in 2016 with 17 volumes released in Japan. Tokyopop releases the English adaptation of the manga! Crunchyroll describes Sengoku Youko as follows:

The world is divided into two factions: humans and monsters called katawara. Despite being a katawara, Tama loves humans and vows to protect them from evil, even if it means fighting her own kind. Her brother Jinka, however, hates humans, despite mostly being one. The siblings are joined by a cowardly swordsman named Shinsuke, who wants to learn how to become strong.

When the group uncovers a plot to experiment on humans and transform them into monsters, they vow to defeat whoever is behind it… Even if it means battling an entire army of warriors.

Source: Sengoku Youko Official Website

© Satoshi Mizukami/Mag Garden, Sengoku Youko Anime Adaptation Division

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