Ragna Crimson Unveils New Trailer for 2nd Cour!

The 5th trailer of Ragna Crimson anime released!

Ragna Crimson anime has released the newest trailer featuring opening theme song for its second cour, “Human Dragon War” arc! The 2nd cour is scheduled to premiere on January 13!

In the latest trailer released today, you can enjoy a powerful video that foreshadows the intensity of the war with the Winged Blood Clan, which has finally begun.

New Trailer:

The opening theme for the 2nd cour is “Emotional Liberation” performed by Saji and the ending theme is “Mark in the Sky” by Kobayashi!

Key Visual:

©︎ Kobayashi Daiki/SQUARE ENIX •  “Ragna Crimson” Production Committee

Director: Ken Takahashi
Character Design: Shimpei Aoki
Scriptwriter: Deko Akao
Art Direction: Asuka Komiyama
Color Design: Taeko Mizuno
Director of Photography: Atsushi Sato
Editor: Kentaro Tsubone
Sound Director: Fumiyuki Go
Animation Production: SILVER LINK.

The anime Ragna Crimson is currently streaming on HIDIVE, the new chapter starts on January 13, so don’t miss this work that continues to generate enthusiasm.

Written by Daiki Kobayashi and published in the monthly magazine “Gangan JOKER” by Square Enix) “Ragna Crimson” tells the story of Ragna, a boy who has inherited the strongest power and the mission of the “dragon hunter” from his future self, challenges the absolutely powerful dragons that threaten humanity together with his deadliest partner, Crimson.

Official Story:
The daily life of Ragna, a hunter boy who was attacked by the Winged Blood, was disrupted. The strongest power entrusted to you by your future self who has lost everything and the mission of the dragon. An encounter with Crimson, a former dragon king and the deadliest partner. Separation from Leonica, who is more important than anything else. It was the beginning of a grueling day that exceeded the limit. At the end of the battle with Artematia, the “King of Wings,” the country’s most powerful force, the Silver Armor Corps, and the “Silver Princess” Staria Rese lead the troops with overwhelming charisma. And finally, the strongest man of the “Winged Bloodline” stands in the way. The battle takes place to a new stage. With a 30-fold difference in strength, the curtain rises on a hopeless war.

Source: King Records Press Release

©︎ Kobayashi Daiki/SQUARE ENIX •  “Ragna Crimson” Production Committee

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