OVERLORD: The Sacred Kingdom Movie Releases this Fall in Japan, New Trailer Revealed!

Based on the light novels by Kugane Maruyama and so-bin!

The new trailer and additional cast information for the anime film “OVERLORD: The Sacred Kingdom” has been revealed. The hotly anticipated anime film is scheduled for this Fall 2024 in Japan!

New Trailer:

Teaser Visual:

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Yoshino Aoyama as Neia
Hitomi Nabatame as Remedios
Saori Hayami as Calca
Haruka Tomatsu as Kelart

Director: Naoyuki Itou
Animation Production: MADHOUSE

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Check out the first four seasons of Overlord on Crunchyroll! Yen Press describes “The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom Arc”, as follows:

The Sacred Kingdom has enjoyed a great many years without war thanks to a colossal wall constructed after a historic tragedy. They understand best how fragile peace can be. When the terrible demon Jaldabaoth takes to the field at the head of a united army of monstrous tribes, the Sacred Kingdom’s leaders know their defenses are not enough. With the very existence of the country at stake, the pious have no choice but to seek help wherever they can get it, even if it means breaking taboo and parlaying with the undead king of the Nation of Darkness!

Source: Overlord Official Website

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