Oomuro-ke Dear Sisters Unveils Release Date, Trailer and Main Visual!

Oomuro-ke dear sisters is ready to show off!

The first of two theatrical anime adaptations, Oomuro-ke dear sisters, is set to release in Japan on February 2. Produced by Passione and STUDIO LINGS, both adaptations, including Oomuro-ke dear friends, will be of medium length, approximately 40 minutes each. The main visual and trailer for Oomuro-ke dear sisters have been revealed in anticipation of the release.


Main Visual:

Synopsis of Oomuro-ke dear sisters, according to the official website:
Sakurako Omuro, a first-year junior high school student, is full of energy both at school and at home. She is the center of the three sisters and spends her days having fun, much to the dismay of her older sister, Nadeko, and younger sister, Hanako. Today, Sakurako had help with her homework from Mukohiwa at school, and she came home in high spirits. However, the house is quiet and no one is home. Hanako, who had actually gone home earlier, is lying in the shadow of the sofa, breathing heavily. Hanako had her own reasons for not wanting Sakurako to find her, Sakurako easily finds her, and she gets a good laugh out of it.
Hanako’s face was covered with a magic marker pen that looked like a mustache. Hanako is annoyed by Sakurako’s unreserved laughter, but her sister Nadeko is even angrier.
She says that the ice cream she was looking forward to eating is gone. Nadeko and Hanako suspect Sakurako of being the one who ate the ice cream. The three sisters tend to be two against one.

Source: Official Website

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