Oi! Tonbo Unveils Cast, Theme Songs and Premiere Date!

Oi! Tonbo presents more news about his anime!

The Oi Tonbo! TV anime adaptation, set to premiere in April, has announced its main cast, staff, and theme songs. Rika Hayashi voices the titular heroine Tonbo Oi, with Hiroki Touchi as Kazuyoshi Igarashi. The series is directed by Oh Jin Gu, with Mitsutaka Hirota as the series composer, Akira Takeuchi as the character designer, Keita Hattori as the 3D director, and Nobuko Toda as the music composer. The opening theme is Habatake! by Sacra e sole, and the ending theme is Let’s Swing by TOKYO GROOVE JYOSHI.

Adapted from a Golf Digest-published manga by Ken Kawasaki and Yuu Furusawa, the story follows Kazuyoshi, a former professional golfer who moves to Tokara Islands. There, he meets Tonbo, a skilled golfer with a mysterious past. The manga, serialized since 2014, has 46 volumes as of September 2023.

Source: Official Twitter

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