Oblivion Battery Anime Theme Songs Artists Revealed!

Based on the high school baseball manga by Eko Mikawa!

Information on the theme song for the TV anime “Oblivion Battery” written by Eko Mikawa, has been announced. The opening theme will be performed by Mrs. GREEN APPLE and the ending theme by Macaroni Empitsu.

The opening theme by Mrs. GREEN APPLE is titled “Rairakku”

Artist photo:

The ending theme by Macaroni Empitsu is titled “Rena-uta”

Key Visual:

Director: Masato Nakazono
Series Composition: Michiko Yokote
Assistant Director: Tsuyoshi Iida
Character Design: Hitomi Hasegawa
Music: Tomoki Kikuya, Hiroko Yamasaki
Art Director: Yuki Funagakure
Animation Production: MAPPA

The baseball comedy anime Oblivion Battery begins in April 2024! The story of Oblivion Battery follows Haruka Kiyomine and Kei Kaname, a pair of young baseball players who set the field afire as an unstoppable pitcher / catcher battery in middle school. 

Source: Official Website

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