My Daemon Anime Unveils Its Latest Trailer!

Kento, a kind-hearted boy, and Anna, his daemon companion!

Netflix has updated the My Daemon anime with a latest trailer! The anime is scheduled to release on November 23, 2023 on Netflix. Check it out the trailer below!

Official Trailer:

Key Visual:

An original story written by Hirotaka Adachi (Otsuichi) and brought to life by Thai animation studio, Igloo Studio. Netflix describes My Daemon as follows:

In the near future, a nuclear blast causes Earth to momentarily overlap with hell and pollute the air with sandstorms from hell. Kento, an elementary schooler who lives in downtown Tokyo, finds a red grain of sand in the forest and raises it as a “daemon,” which he names Anna. The two of them live happily together until people begin to hate and try to kill Anna. Kento wants to protect the daemon, but when his watchful mother has an unfortunate accident, Kento and Anna set out on an adventure to save her.

Source: Netflix Anime Official Twitter

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