Monogatari Series Introduces Shinobu Oshino in New Character Trailer!

Everyone welcomes Shinobu Oshino!

The official website for the Monogatari anime series has released a character trailer featuring Shinobu Oshino, voiced by Maaya Sakamoto. The anime “Monogatari Series Off & Monster Season” will be exclusively distributed on ABEMA from July 6th in Japan. The first episode is listed in a 50-minute time slot.

Character PV:

Maaya Sakamoto as Shinobu Oshino

The Off-Season titles are: Orokamonogatari, Wazamonogatari, Nademonogatari, and Musubimonogatari

The Monster Season titles are: Shinobumonogatari, Yoimonogatari, Amarimonogatari, Ougimonogatari, and Shimonogatari

Off Season, the direct sequel to the Final Season, promises to continue the story where it left off. As for Monster Season, it’s a bold new step in the Monogatari universe. Details of the plot are still under wraps, but speculation is rife among fans as to the meaning of the title and the challenges the characters will face.

Key Visual:

Voice Cast announced via Character Trailer:
Hiroshi Kamiya as Koyomi Araragi
Chiwa Saito as Hitagi Senjougahara
Emiri Kato as Mayoi Hachikuji
Miyuki Sawashiro as Suruga Kanbaru
Kana Hanazawa as Nadeko Sengoku
Yui Horie as Tsubasa Hanekawa
Takahiro Sakurai as Meme Oshino
Maaya Sakamoto as Shinobu Oshino

Original Story: Nisioisin
Character Planning:VOFAN
General Director: Akiyuki Shinbo
Director: Midori Yoshizawa
Series Composition: Tomiyako Azuma, Akiyuki Shinbo
Character Design, Chief Animation Director: Akio Watanabe
Animation Production: Shaft

The Monogatari Series continues to fascinate and push the boundaries of anime, establishing its status as a benchmark in the world of contemporary Japanese animation. Stay tuned for more information and get ready to dive into the captivating world of Monogatari.

Crunchyroll streams Bakemonogatari anime and describes the story:

“Bakemonogatari” (translated “Ghost Story”) was written by Nisioisin, one of the most popular writers in Japan, and the series consists of 5 different stories. Thanks to Meme Oshino, Koyomi Araragi, a high school student, is able to remain a human after coming across a female vampire..


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