Mecha-Ude Anime New Trailer and New Casts Revealed!

"This is a story about how a nobody like me who was living a mundane life gained a marvelous mechanical partner"

The 2nd trailer and new casts and staff for “Mecha-Ude,” have been unveiled. The trailer showcases high-quality, action-packed scenes along with comical moments that reveal the dynamic between Hikaru and Alma, offering a glimpse into various aspects of the series.

New Trailer:

Key Visual:

©TriF/ “Mecha-Ude” Production Committee

Additionally, it has been announced that the luxurious cast including Kaito Ishikawa as Sinis & Dex, Amatsuki as Tohdoh, and Hiroki Touchi as Aljis will continue their roles from the pilot version.

Hikaru: Toshiyuki Toyonaga
Alma: Tomokazu Sugita
Aki: Yu Shimamura
Sinis & Dex: Kaito Ishikawa
Kagami: Romi Park
Tohdoh: Amatsuki
Aljis: Hiroki Touchi
Fist: Yuichi Nakamura

The anime is scheduled for October 2024! Mecha-Ude is an original anime series directed and conceived by the animation artist “Okamoto,” produced by the up-and-coming animation studio “TriF Studio” based in Fukuoka. The story revolves around Hikaru, an ordinary junior high school boy, and Alma, a “Mecha-Ude” – a mechanical life form that can combine with humans, as they embark on adventures and battles.

Original Concept/Director: Okamoto
Series Composition: Yasuhiro Nakanishi / TriF
Character Design: Terumi Nishii / Yoko Uchida
Mecha-Ude Design & Concept Art: Nurikabe
3DCG Director: Shota Kawamura
Sound Director: Takeshi Takadera
Music: Hiroyuki Sawano/KOHTA YAMAMOTO/DAIKI(AWSM.)
General Supervision: Hiroshi Matsuyama (CyberConnect2)

Source: Press Release

©TriF/ “Mecha-Ude” Production Committee

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