Magical Girl holoWitches! New Multimedia Project of Hololive VTubers!

A magical girl story of hopes and dreams begins!

Magical Girl holoWitches! is an innovative multimedia project featuring hololive VTubers. It aims to deliver diverse content, including anime, manga, and livestreams, all inspired by magical girl themes and settings.

Main Trailer:

Amane Kanata, Sakura Miko, Himemori Luna, Houshou Marine, Murasaki Shion, Sakamata Chloe as magical girls.
Rie Takahashi as aelu
Aoi Yuki as lagu
Kaede Hondo and Mirika Kawa as minor characters

The main trailer is storyboarded by Masato Takeuchi, known for the ending animation of “A Girl & Her Guard Dog,” and Nobuhiko Bito, who was the assistant sub-original character designer for Episode 5 of “The Grimm Variations.” Kenta Yokoya, co-main animator for “Metallic Rouge,” handles the transformation sequences. The character designs are created by Kairi Unabara, who worked on Episode 8 of “Pokémon Evolutions,” and Rio from “Trapezium,” based on drafts by illustrator Megumi Mizutani.

Source: hololive – VTuber Group YouTube channel

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