Let This Grieving Soul Retire Premiere in October 2024, Reveals Additional Cast!

Based on a novel by Tsukikage.

The TV anime “Let This Grieving Soul Retire” is set to premiere in October. The main cast has been announced, featuring Fairouz Ai, Konomi Kohara, Kohei Amasaki, Tomokazu Sugita, and Aoi Koga.

Fairouz Ai as Liz Smart
Konomi Kohara as Sitri Smart
Kohei Amasaki as Luke Sykol
Tomokazu Sugita as Ansem Smart
Aoi Koga as Lucia Rogier

Key Visual:

Director: Masahiro Takata
Animation Production: ZERO-G

Let This Grieving Soul Retire is a popular novel by Tsukikage, serialized on Shousetsuka ni Narou since 2018 and published by GC Novels. Here is the official synopsis:

Among the six who once made such a vow, there was one boy who utterly lacked talent.

One day, his childhood friends said to him “Krai, since you don’ t really have a role, you should be our leader.”

Formed by monstrously talented freaks (-his childhood friends), the party known as the “Grieving Souls” made its name known throughout the imperial capital in just a few years. And Krai, who was enthroned at its pinnacle, was quickly feted as the leader of the strongest party.

Misunderstood by the rising expectations of those around him, his actions always led to unforeseen developments…

This is an epic tale filled with glory and agony of the leader of the strongest party and the most formidable clan master, Krai Andrey!

Source: Comic Natalie

© Tsukikage, Chyko/MICRO MAGAGINE/”Grieving Soul” Committee

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