Koi wa Futago de Warikirenai begins broadcasting in July 2024!

New love triangle this April!

The anime adaptation of the light novel series Koi wa Futago de Warikirenai will premiere in July 2024. Kadokawa recently released the key visual and a new trailer.


Key Visual:

The main cast includes Moeha Mochimoto and Maaya Uchida as the twins and Shougo Sakata as Jun. The animation production is handled by Roll2. The light novel series, authored by Shihon Takamura, has five volumes as of March 2023 and has also inspired a manga adaptation by OKARI.

Synopsis according to the official website:
My family moved next door to the Jinguji family when I was six years old. From then until I was in the first grade of high school now, both parents were on good terms, and the twin sisters of the Jinguji family that I grew up with were my close friends as if they were like my own family.Ryumi, the sister who looks like a boy, and Naori, the otaku sister who is cute on the outside. And I’m Jun Shirasaki, who isn’t afraid of being sandwiched between beautiful sisters with different personalities. Although I’m a novice in love, I don’t have a special relationship and the changes continue.”Why don’t you go out with me? How about we try dating?”These words from Ryumi eventually led us into a strange love triangle.The romantic comedy story of first love with twins begins!

Source: Official Twitter

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