HEAD START AT BIRTH Short Anime Adaptation Announced!

Hina Kino and Yoshitaka Yamano in the lead roles.

Umika and Reku Hayase‘s original story “HEAD START AT BIRTH” will be turned into a short anime and broadcast in Japan on July 7. Each episode will last around 5 minutes, with 12 episodes in total.

Hina Kino as Lilia
Yoshitaka Yamaya as Elrich

Pocket Comics describes Head Start at Birth as follows:

Lilia, a genius marquess’ daughter, can not only use magic, but is also good at territory management. Having a strong gamer spirit, Lilia finds out about the exhistence of magic in the world where she was reincarnated and remembers her previous live in a different world. Even though she was still a newborn and could not even walk, she strated to actively develop her abilities. As a result, she can excersize advanced magic, control high-ranking spirits, and actively participate in the management of the marquess’ premises. No matter whether this world is a RPG or a ranch game, this cheat is unbeatable! Lilia cannot go unnoticed by the royal family who invite her to have a birthday party at the court. Could it be that this is an Otome game involving political marriage with the princes?! Just please don’t make her the villainess!!!

Source: Comic Natalie

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