Hazure Skill “Ki no Kinomi Master” Anime Adaptation Officially Announced!

Fantasy manga has been announced.

An anime adaptation of Yasutaka Isekawa’s “Hazure Skill <Kinomi Master> ~Skill no Mi (Tabetara Shinu) wo Mugen ni Taberareru You ni Natta Ken ni Tsuite~” has been announced. Stay tuned for further details on the cast and broadcast schedule.

Vol. 1:

The manga “The Hazure Skill ‘Ki no Kinomi Master‘” is serialized in Suiyoubi no Sirius and will release its sixth tankōbon volume on June 7, 2024. The manga illustrated by Ea Matsukoto, based on a story by Yasutaka Isekawa, follows:

The journey of Light, a young boy with dreams of becoming the greatest adventurer in history. Light’s adventure begins when he consumes a fruit that grants him a cultivation ability, unlike his childhood friend who receives a swordsman skill. Initially, Light spends his days farming, but fate intervenes when he eats a second skill-granting fruit. Normally, this would be fatal, but Light’s unique power allows him to absorb additional abilities. This unexpected twist reignites his ambitions of becoming a legendary adventurer.

Source: Comic Natalie

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