Grendizer U announces Opening and Ending Theme!

Grendizer U is taking shape!

Grendizer U is a reboot of UFO Robo Grendizer, set to premiere in 2024. New Promotional Visual presented the opening theme, Kaishin no Ichigeki, performed by GLAY, and the ending theme, Protect You, by BAND-MAID. The studio behind the reboot is GAINA.

Grendizer U unveiled its staff and more visuals earlier, you can check our last article here.

Following a devastating attack by Vega’s forces on planet Fleed, Duke Fleed, and Grendizer escaped to Earth. When he got there, Dr. Amon, the head of the Space Research Center, adopted him and gave him the name Daisuke. While they were working side by side in the center on a quest to find out what strange objects appeared in the city’s sky! They were surprised by an attack that jolted Daisuke’s memory.

Source: Manga Productions

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