Future’s Folktales Season 2 Officially Announced!

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Saudi Arabia’s Manga Productions has officially announced its much-anticipated second season of Future’s Folktales anime series. Folktales have always been a universal expression of culture and wisdom. A teaser visual has been released!

Teaser Visual:

Manga Productions unveiled the Arabic and Japanese posters for the second season of the Saudi anime series “Future’s Folktales 2” during AnimeJapan 2024 in Tokyo. The second season is set to take place in the industrial city of Neom, specifically in “Oxagon”, which is the largest floating industrial hub in the world. It’s worth mentioning that the second season of the series is expected to be released in the last quarter of this year, following the success of the first season, which garnered over 100 million worldwide views. The series “Future’s Folktales 2” was produced in collaboration with the renowned Japanese studio “Toei Animation” which has created many iconic works, including One Piece and Dragon Ball.

Manga Productions is a subsidiary of Misk Foundation, which is affiliated with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia. The company’s objective is to produce animation, comics, and video games with the aim of spreading Saudi culture globally. HIDIVE streams the first season of Future’s Folktales anime and describes it as follows:

“In 2050 Riyadh, a grandmother named Asma takes her cherished grandchildren on a whirlwind journey to the past, showcasing the heritage and history of the Arabian Peninsula through retellings of the region’s most beloved folktales. With the help of their robotic cat, Anis, the children learn that their modern-day dilemmas are no match for the words of wisdom passed from generation to generation through their grandmother’s fascinating stories.”

We watched the first season which pleasantly surprised us. It’s a real breath of fresh air that differs from what we’re used to seeing. Shedding light on a culture that we’re not accustomed to seeing in anime is an initiative that will appeal to many people. We can’t wait to watch Season 2 of Future’s Folktales when it’s released soon!

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