Farmagia Game is Getting an Anime, Designs by Hiro Mashima

Hiro Mashima brings life to Felicidad with unique character and monster designs!

To conclude the first full trailer for Farmagia, Marvelous Games has also revealed that an anime adaptation is being prepared. Hiro Mashima, well known for FAIRY TAIL and EDENS ZERO, designed the world of Felicidad, the characters and monsters of Farmagia.

The trailer for the game features a preview of the theme song “Life is Beautiful” by Asian Kung-Fu Generation.

First Trailer of the game:


Voice Cast announced for game:

Kōhei Amasaki as Ten
Ayane Sakura as Arche (Ten’s childhood friend)
Inori Minase as Chica (Ten’s childhood friend)
Atsumi Tanezaki as Lookie-Loo (The mascot)

Synopsis of the Farmagia Game, according to Marvelous Games:
In the Underworld known as Felicidad, people and monsters live in harmony. Here, farmers who raise and command monsters are known as Farmagia. Thanks to the Farmagia, the Magus Diluculum, and the Magus’s generals known as the Oración Seis, the society of Felicidad has prospered… until the fateful day the Magus dies. That’s when Glaza, one of the Oración generals, takes the opportunity to seize power for himself.
As Glaza and his army descend on the town of Centvelt, a resident Farmagia named Ten attempts to hold them off. Though he fails at first, Ten inspires others to stand up to the despot. With the aid of an Oración general defecting against Glaza’s mad quest for power, Ten and his friends must work together with their monsters to prevent the further subjugation of Felicidad.

Source: Marvelous Youtube Channel

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