A Journey Through Another World: Raising Kids While Adventuring Reveals July Premiere with Trailer and Visual!

Light novel written by Shizuru Minazuki!

The airing date of the anime “A Journey Through Another World ~Raising Kids While Adventuring~” has been set for July 2024. The key visual and 1st trailer has been released.

Official Trailer:

Key Visual:

©Shizuru Minazuki,Alphapolis/Yururi Project

The ending theme will be “MAKUAKE” sung by GOHOBI.

GOHOBI artits photo:

Yusuke Shirai as Takumi
Aina Suzuki as Alan
Miharu Hanai as Elena
Haruka Tomatsu as Syl

Director: Atsushi Nigorikawa (Beast Tamer)
Series composer: Atsushi Maekawa
Character designer: Yuuki Nakano
Music composer: Akinari Suzuki
Animation production: EMT Squared
Animation production assistance: Bros. Bird

The light novel series written by Shizuru Minazuki and illustrated by Yamakawa, Amazon describes Tomomi Mizuna‘s manga adaptation as:

Takumi Kayano, a young, average Japanese man, was accidently killed by the Wind God Syl. As an apology, Syl imbued Takumi with the knowledge and skills necessary for survival, and had him reincarnated in the fantasy world of Etelldia. While exploring a dangerous forest filled with monsters, Takumi stumbled across a pair of young twins. After giving them names and forming a bond, he decides to raise them as his own as he explores this new world… What sort of adventures await the trio of Takumi, Alan, and Elena? Find out in the comic adaptation of the Alphapolis Fantasy Prize-winning story of a pair of cute twins and the adventurer who cares for them!

Source: Official Twitter

© Shizuru Minazuki,Alphapolis/Yururi Project

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