7th Prince Anime Reveals New Trailer and Special Visual for “Assassin’s Guild Arc”!

Get ready for the next arc!

The additional cast and “Assassin’s Guild Arc” trailer of the TV anime “I Was Reincarnated as the 7th Prince so I Can Take My Time Perfecting My Magical Ability” has been revealed. From the seventh episode broadcast on May 13th, we will enter a new chapter, “Assassin’s Guild Arc”.

New Trailer:

TSUMUGI AKITA ANIMATION LAB has created a special visual for overseas fans, depicting Lloyd and Jade engaging in an aerial battle!

Special Visual:

Lloyd: Makoto Koichi
Grim: Fairouz Ai
Tao:Akira Sekine
Albert:Shun Horie
Dian:Yuya Hirose
Alieze:Akane Kumada
Shiro:Eriko Matsui
Ren:Rie Takahashi
Galilea:Tomokazu Sugita
Talia:Satomi Akesaka
Babylon:Shunichi Toki
Crow:Takuma Nagatsuka
Jade:Nobunaga Shimazaki

Director: Jin Tamamura
Series Composition:Naoki Tozuka
Character Design, Chief Animation Director:Naru Nishikori
Action Director:Yuichi Abe
Art Management:Naoki Tozuka
Color Design:Mai Ono
Director of Photography:Yuki Yano
Sound Director:Ryo Tanaka
Sound Production:Ai Addiction
Music Production:Lantis
Lab Animation Produced by: TSUMUGI AKITA ANIMATION LAB

The qualities valued most in the study of magic are bloodline, aptitude, and effort. There was one sorcerer who, despite his deep love for magic, was born a commoner and thus lacked the bloodline and aptitude for it. As he died an unnatural death, he wished he had studied magic more while he had the chance. Then, he was reincarnated as Lloyd, the seventh prince of the Kingdom of Saloum and one blessed with a strong magical bloodline. Reborn with all his memories intact, along with the perfect bloodline and immense talent, he was determined to enjoy his new life, using his extraordinary magical abilities to master the study of magic that was beyond his reach in his previous life!

Source: @dainanaoji_pro

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