365 Days to the Wedding TV Anime Reveals Second PV and Additional Cast, Airs in October!

A little more love for autumn!

The TV anime adaptation of Tamiki Wakaki’s 365 Days to the Wedding has revealed its second PV and additional cast members. The romantic comedy, will begin airing in October.

Second PV:

Key Visual:

New cast members:
Koshimizu Ami as Kurokawa Asako
Ochiai Fukutsugu as Gonda Hiromi
Asumi Kana as Komiya Natsumi
Ishiya Haruki as Itsuki Keisuke
Tone Kentaro as Susumu Shinji
Nakata Jouji as George

Main cast includes:
Kentaro Kumagai as Takuya Ohara
Saori Hayami as Rika Honjoji

Director: Hiroshi Ikehata
Series Composition: Kazuho Hyodo
Character Design: Shuji Maruyama
Animation Production: Ashi Productions

Based on the manga by The World God Only Knows author Tamiki Wakaki, Seven Seas Entertainment publishes an official English version of the manga and describes the story:

A sweet “fake engagement” romance about quiet coworkers by the creator of The World God Only Knows–inspired the anime and the live-action drama Map for The Wedding!

The J.T.C. travel agency is looking for someone to manage its brand-new branch in Irkutsk. But for employees Oohara Takuya and Honjouji Rika, they’d rather just stay home in Tokyo! Thankfully, they’ve discovered a way out—their manager has narrowed down the recruits to bachelors, so what if they just…got married? The problem is they barely know each other at all! Can they convince their office they’re engaged just long enough for the transfer to finish up?

Source: Comic Natalie

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