Vicke Blanka will release his new EP “Worldfly” on October 25!

The "Worldfly" EP, a variety of tracks in different genres.

The official website for the versatile songwriter/composer Vicke Blanka, has announced that his new EP “Worldfly” is set to be released in Japan on October 25, 2022.

The EP features 6 tracks:
・Sad In Saudi Arabia

“Worldfly” JACKET:

The EP “Worldfly” is composed of songs that incorporate all of the inspiration from their overseas performances into their sound, allowing the audience to step out of their daily lives and experience various new worlds.

Vicke Blanka artist photo:

This year, Vicke Blanka has been active overseas showing his unstoppable expansion of activities beyond the japanese market, and in October, a new EP, “Worldfly“, will be released which will be a collection of music inspired by his experiences in various countries he recently visited. The new EP giving you the new experience through varieties of tracks in different genre.

A music video “Bitter“, title track for the movie “The Pearl Legacy” one of the six songs in the EP, has been streamed on her official YouTube channel.

“Bitter” Music Video:

The theme song, “Bitter” was newly written for the film “The Pearl Legacy”. As the lyrics goes “Life is bitter”, the song recalls and brings the missing and bittersweet memories with the past one by using the light track and warm voice that embraces the listeners heart.

Another piece of music, called “Snake“, a global sound presented by Vicke Blanka, has been streamed on her official YouTube channel.

“Snake” Music Video:

Vicke Blanka has been touring abroad in Europe and the Middle East since early spring of 2023. The song “Snake” is inspired by the music and audiences in those countries, and the music is the result of the experience.

The song “Worldfly“, is a simple but hopeful song for the future composed only with singing and piano. The song expresses the desire to see the city of Barcelona, Spain, known as a country of passion, through the eyes of Vicke Blanka.

Special Message of Vicke Blanka:

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Vicke Blanka will hold the second special event “RAINBOW ROAD -SHOW-” at the end of the year, on December 28, 2023 at TOKYO DOME CITY HALL in Japan!


More about Vicke Blanka:

Vicke Blanka is a versatile songwriter/composer. His songs are best characterized by his individuality, good melody’s and his beautiful falsetto voice. He started composing music when he was only in elementary school. With the aim to pursue music as a career, he decided to attend university in Tokyo. In 2016, he was finally able to debut. Since his debut, his performances have impressed the audience, making.

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Sources: Vicke Blanka official YouTube Channel, Avex Music press release

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