INTERVIEW: BALLISTIK BOYZ Talks About their New Album “Back & Forth” and The Shows Overseas!

"God Mode" is an electrifying hip-hop track for the rebellious SIGUMA SQUAD from the anime BUCCHIGIRI?!

As they continue their musical activities in Japan and overseas, BALLISTIK BOYZ from EXILE TRIBE have released their third album “Back & Forth” on February 21, two years and three months since their previous album release. The lead track “In My Head” is the group’s most emotional song to date, with lyrics about an unforgettable love written by the band members themselves.

Meanwhile, the song “God Mode” is a cool hip-hop tune that reflects the spirit of delinquent team SIGUMA SQUAD from BUCCHIGIRI?! anime, for which the track is currently being used as the theme song.

We had the privilege of sitting down with the group to gain insight into their creative process and what lies ahead. Before you read the full interview, you can listen to “God Mode” here!

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AnimeTV: How was the group formed?

BALLISTIK BOYZRYUTA HIDAKA: Those of us who had been studying in New York returned to Japan and joined up with the remaining group members who had auditioned in Japan. After the training camp screening, we became official members and started working together as a group.

Q: New album released after 2 years! How do you feel?

BALLISTIK BOYZYOSHIYUKI KANO: During these two years, we’ve experienced a lot, such as living and working in Thailand for half a year and doing a live concert tour. This album is filled with what we felt and experienced during this time, and we all tried composing music and writing lyrics ourselves. We’re constantly trying out new things! There are also two songs that were produced in Thailand with English lyrics as well as Thai lyrics by written by the Thai artists TRINITY and Gulf, so we hope you like them. I’d be happy if you enjoy the songs not just from Japan, but from all around the world!

BALLISTIK BOYZRYUSEI KAINUMA: Frankly, I’m happy! I think an album is something very special. It shows the culmination of our work as artists and how we took on the challenges of our struggles over the past two years. We’re extremely happy that you can listen to it!

Q: Do you have a favorite song from your album?

BALLISTIK BOYZMIKU FUKAHORI: “In My Head”. It’s the most straightforward heartbreak song ever written. The lyrics were written based on the imaginations of the group members ourselves!

BALLISTIK BOYZRIKIYA OKUDA: “Lonely!”. This song was written when we were in Thailand for 6 months, and we wrote the lyrics to it straight from our hearts and thoughts to our fans during that time! We believe that our fans will be able to feel our thoughts and feelings through this song.

Q: What is one song you are super excited to perform?

BALLISTIK BOYZRIKI MATSUI: Adding to the new songs, “In My Head” and “God Mode” are some songs that will be released for the first time on the tour, so I’m looking forward to that.

BALLISTIK BOYZMASAHIRO SUNADA: “God Mode”. It’s been a while since we’ve had a hip-hop song so I’m sure it will be so exciting at the live performances.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about your outfit plans for the upcoming show?

BALLISTIK BOYZRIKI MATSUI: The costumes for the tour were made from scratch. They’re rather flashy with the theme of a stylish red.

Q: Your favorite artists?



Q: What is your favorite anime song?

BALLISTIK BOYZYOSHIYUKI KANO: I’ve been watching ONE PIECE ever since I was little, so “HIKARIHE” by The Babystars, “Kokoro no Chizu” by BOYSTYLE and “God Mode” by BALLISTIK BOYZ.

BALLISTIK BOYZRYUSEI KAINUMA: “kaikaikitan” by Eve. I recently got hooked on JUJUTSU KAISEN and have been watching it all the time, so I fell in love with this music at the same time!

Q: Are there any artists or bands you’d like to collaborate with?

BALLISTIK BOYZMIKU FUKAHORI: I would love to collaborate with Steve Aoki!

BALLISTIK BOYZRIKIYA OKUDA: There are many artists we would like to collaborate with. Individual artists are good, but I would also like to have more collaborations between groups as well!

Q: For which anime would you like to collaborate for theme song?


BALLISTIK BOYZYOSHIYUKI KANO: We’ve collaborated with Bucchigiri?!, and I would also like to work with ONE PIECE, JUJUTSU KAISEN, and Demon Slayer!

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They are the first group in EXILE TRIBE where all members are holding microphones to dance, sing and rap. In addition, all the 7 members have the physical ability to do acrobatics. In May 2019, they released their debut album. Their debut album won the first place on the Oricon Weekly Album Ranking. Moreover, the album also won the 1st place on Billboard JAPAN Top Album Sales / Billboard JAPAN Hot Albums and Viral Chart of Spotify.

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